Just some blue collar grind work done by 15 PAX to only live up to the sites name, True Grit. From top to bottom, a very strong 15.

Warm Up in parking lot: SSH x 25, GMornings x 10, WMills x 10, MtClimbers x 25, segmented burpies on a plank hold…then double merkin segmented burpies on a plank hold…

The Thang:

From parking lot facing the lake, run up hill to the right on the paved trail to the top intersection. At that spot – Star Jumps x 10, continue running across the high trail to the first bench – Merkins x 20. Run to second bench – V Ups x 30 (legs at 45 going up toe touch WW2 style), run around fence back down to starting parking lot – Freddy Mercuries single count x 40. Plank hold into some plank exercises until all in.

10 burpies OYO. Another lap, same as before. After all in with plank exercises, low squat holds, with count offs by pax. Arms out, Arms up…

4 laps before COT.


Nippler in cadence x 50; LBC in cadence x 50, 6inches 5 count around circle

Naked Moleskin:

– Arena this Friday, Pullen run to HP at 2pm, or HP at 230.

– Thoughts and prayers as we continue to be men of accountability and discipline.

ChipNDale took us out in a good word of prayer.