11 PAX found their way to the Agoge training grounds on a perfect morning in May. YHC gave the disclaimer and we circled up.

The Warmup:
Plank JacksX30
Mountain ClimbersX25
Std MerkinsX20

The Thang:
Mosey to Holding Park, butt kickers, high knees, and left/right karaoke on the way. Mosey up and down the stairs in front of the Community House, then head to the ball field.

Each PAX counted off in 2’s while YHC attempted to explain the game plan. Once everyone was utterly confused, we went through the routine as a group. Here is what it looked like:

Start at home plate
Bear Crawl to 1st, Star JumpX1
Bear Crawl to Home, SSHX10
Bear Crawl to 2nd, Star JumpX2
Bear Crawl to Home, SSHX10
Bear Crawl to 3rd, Star JumpX3
Bear Crawl to Home, SSHX10
Sprint to Right Field, Star JumpX4
Sprint to Home, SSHX10
Sprint to Right Field, Star JumpX5
Sprint to Home, SSHX10
Sprint to Right Field, Star JumpX6
Sprint to Home, SSHX10

At this point, YHC was smoked, so we took a break in Center Field and visited Jack Webb
1 Merkin, 4 Arm Raises
2 Merkins, 8 Arm Raises
3 Merkins, 12 Arm Raises
4 Merkins, 16 Arm Raises
5 Merkins, 20 Arm Raises
6 Merkins, 24 Arm Raises
7 Merkins, 28 Arm Raises
8 Merkins, 32 Arm Raises
9 Merkins, 36 Arm Raises
10 Merkins, 40 Arm Raises

Breaktime’s over boys, back to home plate. We attempted to get back into our 2 teams, but few PAX remembered if they were in Group 1 or Group 2. Note to self: Have PAX count off right before the split. We re-counted and divided up. We repeated the first set, substituting Bear Crawling for Lunge Walking and Star Jumps for Squats. Group 1 started in the infield and Group 2 started in the outfield. Yes, it was as confusing as it sounds. Surprisingly, both Groups crossed home plate simultaneously.

We were running short on time, so the last set was completed as a team and went like this:
Start at home plate
Sprint to 1st, IWX2
Sprint to Home, SSHX10
Sprint to 2nd, IWX4
Sprint to Home, SSHX10
Sprint to 3rd, IWX6
Sprint to Home, SSHX10

Mosey off the field through the dugout. Run backwards up the hill. Watch for the net buried in the ground. Regular. Run backwards up the driveway. Regular. SSH at the corner of S Wingate St and Hwy 98. The PAX experienced a school bus driver with some early morning road rage. Luckily, it was directed at a driver in a Honda Civic and not the PAX. Sherpa led us back to the shovel flag.

Freddie MercuryX20
6″ Flutter KicksX20
WWII SitupsX20

Floppy mentioned several #CSAUP events coming up; BRR, GoRucks, etc…
Gopher is looking for men to join him in a GoRuck event in June. This is not an F3 event, but will be good training for the Heavy Custom Challenge in October.

Prayer Requests:
Continued prayers for the people of Nepal
Low Pair-Cancer, but Praise God that he is fighting it well.
Snuffy’s Friend-Cancer
Bi Lo’s Mother In Law-Cancer, chemo starts soon.

YHC closed us out in prayer.

Naked Moleskin:

#Tclaps to:
-Snuffy. It’s been awhile. Good to have you back brother.
-Moonshine for the strong push back to home plate.
-Gopher for being a Bear Crawling stud.
-Sherpa for a strong run back back to the shovel flag.
-Floppy for leading us well, despite being on IR.