It was only a matter of time before the Tarholes got grabbed by the, well, you know.  And VT grabbed hard.  My poor Heels.  You got schooled.  Nothing else to do than let Burt dress me in roadwork orange and do what my coach would always do: put ’em on the line.

WARMUP: Jog, bear crawl, backwards bear crawl, jog, SSH, 31 merkins

THANG: Suicides with squats, planks, and nipplers for recovery > grab a rock, circle up, and rotate right for sets of curls for girls, tricep extensions, rock presses, a total of one set of rock rows (WOOOOO! I give the PAX what they want), rockees, and Rock Webbs (with a set of penalty burpees thanks to Earhart and his dirty mouth…won’t someone please think about the Penn State fans) > Suicides > Mary (with another set of penalty burpees thanks to Hot Spot, whose mumble chatter was so loud YHC couldn’t hear his own cadence count).

Prayers go up for Kelly O’Mallea (sp) who passed unexpectedly last week, for Sputnik and his family as Sputnik’s father has passed, and to all those picking up the pieces after Hurricane Matthew.  If you take a knee today, I hope you will also add our brother Flip Flop who is still recovering from his leg going flip flop.