Life is a cycle, gentlemen. Each day the sun rises and sets, we wake up and go to sleep, we are broken down and we heal. We, the members of The Blitz Pax, have embraced that fact.

Warm-up: SSH x20, Mountain Climbers x20, Slow Count Merkins x9 (thanks for that, Denali), Egg Beaters x10 each side, Around The World x10 each side. With Bells over head we ambled down to the track.

The Thang: All sets were completed in pairs, with one completing the exercises while the other ran a lap. Once completed the partners swapped and repeated. All exercises were continued until the runner finished.

  • 10x Two Handed Swing + 10x Overhead Press
  • 10x Single Hand Swing + 10x Curls + 10x Triceps Extensions
  • 20x Two Handed Swing + 15x Squat-to-High Pull
  • 15x Two Handed Swing + 10x Single Arm Overhead Press
  • THE RACE: The last set was a race format. Each pair had to complete a total of two laps and 100 Two Handed swings. First place won a cup of coffee.

Upon completing the race, each tired Pax picked up their kettle bell and headed for the wall for what we lovingly refer to as The Cannonball. All of the bells are piled up in one place and everyone lines up down the wall from the pile in Peoples Chair position. Each bell is then passed down the line. A brief break for Balls to the Wall, and then all bells are passed back down the line. It’s a cycle – everything must end where it began.

Mary: Russian Hammers with KB, KBLBCs.