In F3 we start on time, and if you’re late, even by 1 minute, you might miss out on the fun! Apparently this is a lesson that Goofy has now learned…
8 PAX left the Agoge gates at 6am sharp and cruised down the hill, lead by a furry Snuffleupagus. When we reached Paschal golf course the fun began.

Circle up for warmups just before Nealer (Snuffy leads)
SSHs x 20
Good Mornings x 20
Imperial Walkers x 20
Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 20 (with reverse x 20)
Windmills x 20

The Nealer:
Partner up – P1 runs to top of Nealer(Paschal #4) and back while P2 does AMRAP exercise
– std merkins
– LBCs
– burpees
– plank it out until all PAX done

Recover on the run back up the hill to WF High School Parking Deck
– Partner carry across parking deck(size DOES matter!), flapjack – plank when done
– P1 runs suicide while P2 descends stairs, does LBCs at bottom until P1 comes down (flapjack)

Run back up to soccer field for some Patina lead rock work.
– Curls x 15
– Overhead Press x 15
– Triceps Extensions x 15

Ran out of time for Mary, will have to give her some extra time next week!


Glad to see more and more PAX stepping up and taking the lead. Great job Snuffy and Patina! Who is next?