19 PAX gathered at Bond Park for SNS where YHC had promised less distance running (due to still suffering shin splints from the Sasquatch), but no less pain.

Short jog to the Community Center parking lot via the dark trail short cut for warm ups (SSH, Hillbillies, Good Mornings, Cotton Pickers, Windmills, Mountain Climbers).

Jog down the hill to the theatre for slow Dips, Irkins, and Dirkins (X 2)

Jog to the boathouse parking lot for a Mer-Pee Pyramid (Thanks to O-Flex at the Crick for the idea).

Run to one end of the parking lot, 5 Burpees, Backward (or Reverse) run back.

Repeato with Double-Merkin, Triple-Merkin, Quadruple-Merkin, and “the Cinco” – Quintuple-Merkin Burpees and back down again. Mumble chatter was at a fevered pitch here. YHC was a bit worried that Callahan and McCants were going to take off their earrings or at least Michael Phelps death stare each other.

Jog to the bottom of the hill, bear crawl ½ way up, lunge walk the rest. Jog to the rock pile.

2X Rock curls, overhead rock press, and rock squats.

Jog to the cool, refreshing bocci court for a cool soak and Mary – LBCs, FM, HD, Superman circle.


Prayers for YHC’s oldest daughter who is going in for allergy treatments. Praises for Callahan’s 2.0 who is recovering well and should be able to teach his pop proper Merkin technique soon.