Conditions: 72 F  Humid



SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x20

SSH x 10

Sir Fazio 20 forward/20 reverse

Burpee OYO x8


The Thang:

Happy Birthday Ethel Workout.   QIC’s grandmother inspires the PAX on her 83 birthday.  PAX started the workout in the center of a 6 pointed star circuit.  Two person teams ran to a star point, performed prescribed exercise, and then returned to the middle point to perform 10 WW2 sit-ups.  Then they rotated to the next star point until all exercises for that round were completed.


Round 1 Exercises:

  1. Partner wheel barrow (30 yards)
  2. Burpees x8
  3. Pullups (on shelter beams) x10
  4. Burpees x8
  5. Heavy bucket carry around outer perimeter of traffic circle (60lbs)
  6. Burpees x8


Round 2 Exercises:

  1. Partner carry (30 yards)
  2. Burpees x8
  3. Hanging knee-up crunches (on shelter beams) x30
  4. Burpees x8
  5. Heavy bucket bent over rows (60lbs)
  6. Burpees x8


Round  Exercises: (running out of time,  no sit-ups this round)

  1. Burpees x8
  2. Burpees x8
  3. Burpees x8


After round 3 PAX headed back to the flag for a little Mary.  Since Mary was the center of attention this morning and we had already done 120 WW2 sit-ups.   She just wanted to wish Ethel a happy birthday.  PAX completed 3 more burpees and one to grow on to complete a total of 84 burpees during the 45 min workout.




Farm, Agoge, New site starting up on Fridays at Joyner Park

Spartan Race

911 Stair Climb


Prayer Request:

Lifting each other up before the Lord.