There has been fantastic growth in F3 Raleigh, with hundreds of men PAX attending weekly workouts.  There are only two men strong enough, tough enough, brave enough, determined enough, to survive the BLITZ when YHC is the Q.  No disclaimer.  We know it.  We live it.

Warm Up:

SSH (with kettlebells in each arm) x 25

Slo Mo Good Mornings (with kettlebells held in outstretched arms) x 25

Kettlebell Burpees x 50

The Thang:

Over to Hamburger Hill.  With two kettlebells per PAX, run to top of hill.  Two armded swings (with kettlebell in each arm) x 100.  Bearcrawl down hill with kettlebells.  Rinse, repeat x 20.

Crab Walk soggy field (with two kettlebells) until you reach the soccer goal.  One PAX runs up and around House of Cats with kettlebells.  Other PAX does AMRAP exercises.  Flapjack.  Repeat x 8.  Exercises were curls, tricep extension, goblet squats, quadruple merkin burpee with kettlebells (crowd pleaser), bent over rows, flutter kicks, six inch leg hold (kettlebell on each leg), and Peoples Chair w two kettlebells overhead.

Mary and COT.

-Vila was an absolute machine out there.  So was Au Pair.  That’s a lot of work for 35 minutes, especially when it’s humid.