Warm up Lap

Get our stretch on:
Imperial Walkers/Hillbilly
Good Morning
Hammy Stretch
Fozzio Arm Circles
Shoulder Stretches- pull bicep to chest both sides, lock fingers behind back for Pec Stretch
Downward Dog – Runners Pose both sides – Downward Dog – Pigeon
Deep Squat Stretch

Yogi Berra Crawl – 4 Rounds
Rounds 1-3:  Bear Crawl between bases to designed exercise at each base.  1. 10 high knees 3 count  2.  20 ‘Mericans    3.  Deep lunges 30.   Sprint to center field fence for 10 deep squats.

Round 4:  Partner carry around the bases

20 Dips on bleachers
30 sec count Balls to the Wall
People’s Chair

exaggerated low slow flutter
Shoulder tap planks
Protractor mixed with Rosalitas
Heels to heaven mixed with Hello Dolly
Planks – arm raises