Long Lap Warm Up around Baseball Fields
Circle up for some serious stretching-
Imperial Walkers
Pec Stretch
Shoulder Twist
Downward Dog – Runners – Downward Dog – Pigeon
Deep Squat stretch
Inchworm 10

Bottom of the Hill Sprints – 3 rounds with Partner
1.  runner sprints to the top of hill while partner does Mericans – Switch
2.  runner sprints to the top while partner does squats
3.  Partner carry to the top of hill and back!

Move to the Grassy Knoll:
Run backwards up the HIll
Bear crawl down
7 Deep squats
Repeat run and bear crawl for 7 rounds total

Run to the Stairway
Sprint up jog down
Bunny Hop up jog down
Long stride sprint up

Return for Mary

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