Lucky 13 for Pearls on a string around Bond Park with brisk Wednesday morning. Virgin Q at Bond Park. TOC’s finest location – IMO.

Let’s see what went down:

Get out of car.
Burt has adult beverages for a PAX member. Press repeat from Monday’s workout but Rum versus Schlitz. If you aren’t posting in Cary, you’re missing the party. See what I did there. Ha.

Mosey to COP
-SSH, GM, MC, Superman Merkins, Spiderman Merkins, Batman Merkins (just kidding – I don’t think that’s a thing), squats.

Partner up – Similar speed.

Catch me if you can for about two miles. We stopped at roads and crosswalks to do exercises. It was amazing. Merkins, Starjumps, LBCs, whatever you need we were serving it up!

Arrive back at Bond Park.

Beast – YHCs favorite. Six exercises, six stations a total of six times. #666

1.) Merkins, 2.) Monkey Humpers, 3.)LBCs, 4.) Diamond Merkins, 5.) Burpees (didn’t see that coming), 6.) Carolina Dry Docks.

Mosey back to where it all begins #allmanbrothers

Ma Bell is hosting a sleeveless get together in Cary (April 16th). If you wear sleeves, they will be eliminated upon entering his casa. #houserule
Sign up for the City of Oaks marathon. Save $10 now.
RipTide – AM/PM Jean-Paul. Don’t miss the race. #Seinfeldforthehates

M Grease Monkey and I’m sure I’m forgetting other prayers. Write the backblast earlier, genius.

Thanks for stepping out in the gloom this morning with me. Honor to spend time with this group.