Pax showed up in droves this morning. Well, not really droves, but I expected a lean turnout based on the radar. We had 3 for a brisk pre-run down Fayetteville Street and I fully expected that we were going to be “it”. Contraire mon frere. 19 strong and faithful, including a handful from our beige neighbor to the south posted and worked it out.

The Thang

Jog around the Capitol grounds, see the sights, take in the nice Spring air, and circle back up for COT.

SSH x 20
Good Morning X 15
Mountain Climber X 15
Imperial Walker X 15

Mosey to the corner of Edenton/Wilmington for 4 corners.

Corner 1 Edenton/Wilmington – 10 burpees
Corner 2 Edenton/Salisbury – 20 merkins
Corner 3 Salisbury/Morgan – 30 alt lunge jumps
Corner 4 Morgan/Wilmington – 40 flutters

-Burpees at 1, run to 2 do merkins, run back.
-Burpees at 1, run to 2 do merkins, run to 3 do alt lunge jumps, run back to 2 do merkins, run back to 1.
-Burpees at 1, run to 2 do merkins, run to 3 do alt lunge jumps, run to 4 do flutters, run back to 3 do alt lunge jumps, run back to 2 do merkins, run back to 1 do burpees.

Mosey over to the breezeway between the museums for a set of 11s that I’ve been told by Franzia never to do again. That only makes me want to do it again…
-Dying cockroach
Reverpees are a leg burner for sure, and they get your heart rate up surprisingly high.

Pick a spot on the planter ledges for a Chong special.
Inc merkins X 20
Dips X 12
Decline Peter Parker X 15

Repeat thrice.


Nekkid Moleskin
Solid work by everyone this morning. It was great to have some of our Cary brethren post with us, and it was also great to see some faces I haven’t seen in a while. Talk of continued support for those of us that are struggling; posting regularly, with work, with life in general. Thanks to YKY & Quagmire for their leadership, and thanks also to Orwell for his. Not sure how many noticed him stop to pray with the homeless fellow sitting on the Salisbury St bench. Never know who’s watching, and how it may affect them. You, my friend, are a great man and I’m proud to have you in my life. Great to see you this morning.

The title is representative of a couple of things today. Unexpected Q due to Popeye’s nagging injury. Unexpected pre-run. Unexpected turnout due to the threat of a solid rain. Unexpected dry workout. Unexpected pax. But as soon as YHC finished with BOM, the rain began. Perfect timing.