When Yosef’s away, the Cracker will play!  Great showing and great hustle by the boys of summer.  We had some legit dry heavers, but no Merlots.  I’ll get you next time!

Warm Up Lap

Circle up for the full KC stretch routine with some additional back stretches at Blue Hen’s request.
Good Morning
Hammy Stretch
Fozzio Arm Circles
Shoulder Stretch/Pec/Tricep
Downward Dog – Runners – Pigeon routine
Inchworm Pushups X 10
Scorpion Stretch
Twist stretch from back both sides

To the Baseball Field!

Modified Yogi Berra Crawl Routine:
Round 1:  Bear crawl to 1st – 10 high knees – Bear Crawl – 20 Mericans – Bear Crawl – 30 squats – Bear Crawl Home.
Partner 1 carries 2 all the way to center field fence.  10 Deep squats.  Partner 2 carries 1 home

Round 2:  Partner 1 Wheel Barrels rounds the bases all the way to 2nd base non stop – 20 Mericans – Partner 2 Wheel barrels all the way home non stop touching 3rd
Partner Carry from home to center field – 10 deep squats – Partner Carry Home

Round 3:  Repeat Round 1

Round 4:  Repeat Round 2

jog to bleachers for 30 X Dips

jog to wall for a 30 count balls to the wall

8 solid minutes of Mary to close this bad boy down!!!


Great work, gentlemen!