13 PAX and no FNGs, we’re off, to USA baseball parking lot. With stops on the way for SSH, Merkins, low plank hold, mountain climber, Imperial Walker, Windmill, Backwards jog to the top of the hill

At parking lot, three rounds across each of the four islands, stopping at each island for three rounds below, Circle back for sixes.
Round 1: 10 Burpee’s 15 Merkins 20 LBC’s.
Round 2: 10 tuck jumps. 15 wide Merkins. 20 dying cockroach.
Round 3: 10 star jumps. 15 little baby curb dips, 30 ankle grabbers. Indian run back to the start between each round

Mosey back to the playground with the stop for what appears to be 25 hammers.

At playground, ones – 10 pull-ups and twos people’s chair. Flapjack & repeat. We’re done circle up

Prayer concerns for Kid Rock. Papa Smurf. Jolly Rancher. Chinese Downhill. YHC’s sister.

ATT 23 mile ruck July 23, Sasquatch for Papa Smurph July 30.

3 relatively new F3 men this am have not Qd. YHC offered a @F3CARPExDIEM shirt to the first 2 that Q

Standing offer of a @F3CARPExDIEM shirt to any non-local that Qs local site and brings western Wake FNG

Let us train our minds to desire what the situation demand.

Feeling Good