19 PAX fought off the fartsack to attend the first annual Forge Fitness Test. We had two 2.0s and one FNG this morning (what a way to start out your F3 career, Clogger!)

AMLAP (as many laps as possible) in 35 minutes.

– Start from parking lot, after disclaimer. Basic warm-up.
– Run to Goose Poop Island. Pull-ups x5
– Long way around pond to Pullen Stage. Box jumps x10
– Out of park into parking lot. Merkins x15 at the lower speed bump.
– To top of parking lot hill for LBCs x20
– Up the hill, between gazebos. Air Squats x25
– Down the sidewalk between shelters to Carosel. Flutter Kicks x30

WHOLE CIRCUIT = .9 miles

PAX Results (in laps . stations) :

Yoda- 4.0
Single-wide- 3.2
Franzia- 3.3
Countrywide- 3.2
Peach Pit- 3.2
Skyline- 3.4
Free Fall- 4.0
Hope Solo- 4.0
Joule- 4.2
Rice Krispy- 4.2
Crown Royal- 3.0
Dutch Boy- 4.2
Wendell Gee- 4.2
Shades (2.0)- 4.0
Drake (2.0)- 4.1
8 Mile- 3.0
Clogger (FNG)- 3.2
Bunson Burner- 3.1
Jimmer- 4.0

Strong work by all men this morning. It’s a pleasure to be out in the gloom with you all!

Prayers for those PAX who are welcoming 2.0’s into the world either now, or in the very near future. CONGRATULATIONS MUNSON & M!

Prayers for unity and reconciliation in our Nation during these troubled times. F3 serves as a force of good for our community, and we should never forget that.


Site-Q’s out.