YHC arrived early for a quick run around the AO. I returned to the SF to find 9 hardy regulars milling about, including Dawn Patrol founder Johnny Utah. And I’m damn glad he made it. With holiday’s falling on the next two DP’s, this was to be the last DP of 2014. Which meant it would also be Utah’s last before he heads west to plant a SF in the Pacific Northwest. YHC didn’t realize this until COT, which is probably for the best. Had I known, I would have over thought the whole workout. Instead, YHC had only a rough idea of some things we might do. Which is fitting, since that’s how Utah likes to roll. Okay, enough of the emotional shit. A late arriving Gnobby made for a perfect PAX of 10, and so only a minute or so late, we paddled out into the gloom. Here’s what we did…

Jog around the parking lot and circle up

Warm Up
Good Mornings, SSH, Mtn Climbers, Imperial Walkers

Jog around building to the playground

The 12 Days of Christmas
1 Chest to the Ground Burpee
2 Forward Lunges + all above
3 Prisoner Squats + all above
4 Deep Dips + all above
5 Diamond Merkins + all above
6 WWII Situps + all above
7 Carolina Dry Docks + all above
8 LBCs + all above
9 Mtn Climbers + all above
10 Russian Hammers + all above
11 Plank Jacks + all above
12 Burpees OYO + all above

Jog out to the baseball field, circle up around pitcher’s mound

Thang 1
Plank-o-rama (regular, sarkozy, regular, putin, regular, chillcut, makhtar ndiaye)
Sprint to outfield fence for People Chair w/ count down the line and distractions added
Sprint back to infield, circle up
Jack Webb 10 merks 1 air press > 1 merk 10 air presses
Bear Crawl to 1st, Lunge Walk to 2nd, Bear Crawl to 3rd, Crab Walk home

Jog to the basketball court

Thang 2
Partner up (size always matters)
Partner Wheelbarrow Merkin and Row x10 OYO
Partner carry to other end, flapjack return
Partner Press x10 OYO, flapjack
Sprint to other end and back
Partner Wheelbarrow Merkin and Row x10 OYO

LBCs, High Slow flutters, Hello Dolly, Hello Dolly L, Hello Dolly R, Body Surf, Paddle Out

Christmas Party Monday Night
No workouts on Christmas, Convergence at Fletcher on New Year’s Day
Gnobby prayed us out.

We started a couple of minutes late, so we ran a couple of minutes over. You can thank Gnobby.

We learned a very valuable lesson this morning. The PAX, can, not, sing. At all. There were a few decent voices out there. And we all did pretty well with the 5 Diamond Merkins part. But the rest? Not singing. I don’t know what it was. Other than a great workout, which we all powered thru. Good work.

Costco finally plans to wash his workout clothes, because YHC made the PAX workout in the dirt. Dude, those are two things you should do anyway. (get dirty. wash your stuff.) At lease we now know where the funk has been coming from all these mornings. Lots of mumble chatter when we sunk our hand into the infield mud for a merkin-o-rama.

I stole a few ideas from my recent post at The General in NoCo. So you can thank them for the Partner Wheelbarrow Rows (which I added Merkins to) and the Partner Press. Both exercises are a little awkward, which is perfect when mumble chatter is getting a little weak. The Hello Dolly L/R were also from NoCo. Leg burners!

Okay. I can’t say enough about what Utah has meant to me in my journey with F3. Dude is always positive and ready to go. One of my first DP workouts was the 4th of July Convergence in 2013. I was still fairly new to F3. Utah led and gave a little American history speech at each of our stops. Being a creative dude, I thought this was freakin’ brilliant. I loved it. And so whenever I have time, I try to plan my Q’s with some kind of theme. And I think of Utah’s July 4th Q. Other days, like this one, I don’t have the time to plan it all out. When this happens, I also think of Utah. In my head he says, “Just paddle out Brah. Don’t think about. Go aggro.”  Will do. Thanks Brah.

Always a pleasure gentlemen. Shaggy out.