YHC fresh off a Wolf Run Q the previous day arrived at the AO early enough to remain in his whip while the heat ran for a few extra minutes.  As YHC made his way into the gloom he noted the shovel flags planted and blowing lightly in the brisk air, it would be a chilly start.  While the site Q’s went back & forth on who would be giving away 2 all access passes to the show tonight, several PAX trickled in to the lot.  As if responding to a private challenge, Floppy exited the awaiting crowd for a pre beat down lap around Lake Pullen, YHC noting the time waited for sir Flops to get almost back and began or work by taking off in the opposite direction, Floppy was correct, YHC did that on purpose.

The Thang:

No disclaimer needed so off we went, 11 PAX jogged up past the pool to the cul-de-sac for a cop of warm-ups.  Good Mornings x 15, SSH x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles x 10 e/w

To the run, up an across Pullen drive down to the tunnels. Bear crawl through 5 burpies on the far side, lunge walk back through 5 burpies on the near side, plank for pax.  Dips x 15, erkins x 15, back to the tunnel.  Lunge walk down 10 Dan Jansen’s on the far side, bear crawl back through 10 ski abs  & plank for pax to finish. One more round of dips & erkins.

R&R through the tunnels up to the grassy courtyard behind Poe Hall, insert mumble chatter from Au Pair about the how nice this part of campus looked and something about Carolina aspiring to look so good, YHC agrees. 11’s 1 burpie at the bottom, up over the short wall and up the steps for 10 merkins at the top, and so on.  Not much banter as this sucked in a good way, solid work by all pax.

R&R up the Hillsborough st. service road to another spot of curb for quick feet x 20.  YHC then led the way into the Brickyard for the 2nd time in as many days for another cop, LBC pyramid to 30 and back with clear instructions given to hold in the up position between sets, if it doesn’t start to get sore around 25 on the way up, your not doing it right.  Lots of groaning YHC thinks most were doing it right.

Insert more mumble chatter from Au Pair about bricks and Carolina basketball, so we headed to the Free Expression Tunnel where he could really vent, lunge walk through. Up to Wolf Plaza and find a spot on the wall for L/R step-ups x 15, erkins x 15, dips x 15, rinse & repeat.

R&R back down to Cates Avenue past the baseball diamond to the greenway.  Plank-o-rama for a solid 2 minutes.  Back to the jog towards Pullen, stopping for a round of peoples chair under the bridge to tighten back up the pax.  YHC noted that everyone should finish together and called for a constant loop for those in the front and finally decided that Tooth Fairy & Howard would lead us back into the park.

Back to the stone circle, 10 burpies OYO, DONE!

The Skin:

Great teamwork for 11 PAX ranging from 25 to 63, new scenery for many made the morning work a change from the normal grind.  YHC went through the count and name-o-rama and was beginning his thoughts of the day referencing Christmas, and as if on cue from the Big Man Himself, the snow began.  After the banter settled down YHC reminded the PAX of Romans 3 where we learn that there is no one righteous not one, that all deserve death, and that if we think for a second that we deserve or can earn our way to heaven the the cross was for nothing.  That in Romans 12 we learn that we are to offer our bodies as living sacrifices to God, that we should be renewing our minds daily in His word.  As F3 PAX we dedicate ourselves to the gloom, we are faithful to to take care of our physical selves, but how dedicated are you to taking care of the spiritual needs of our being.  If your looking for an organized way to do so, ask Country Wide or White Shoe about BSF (Bible Study Fellowship www.bsfinternational.org ) on Monday nights in Raleigh or Tuesdays in Fuquay. Give all of yourself to Him and the peace you will find is beyond explination.  And as always, if you don’t know Christ personally, ask someone who does, they’d be glad to introduce you.  As always it was a privelage to lead.

Christmas Party Monday 7 at Tyler’s Tap Room Seaboard Station.

Howard took us out in a mighty way to the King of Glory!

CW Out!