Another Wednesday means another edition of F3 Raleigh’s Original Weekday Workout, hosted at always-beautiful Fred Fletcher Field. With the rain temporarily subsided, 12 grizzly pax gathered in the gloom. Wendell Gee attempted to hedge the workout’s lower body-focused difficulty level. Not today.

The Thang

A theme of today’s workout was constant work, so Squat Hold for the welcome, disclaimer, a count around the circle, and then some extra time.

Fast jog around the yard art, up the hill behind the lower field, and length of lower field. Circle up for a little warm-up:

  • SSH x 20
  • Imperial Walkers x 20
  • Good Mornings x 10
  • Standard Merkin x 20

Stay in place for the Harry Callahan – it’s just like the Jack Webb, only for your legs. (Jack Webb played Joe Friday in Dragnet – a good cop. Who’s a famous bad cop? Harry Callahan from Dirty Harry.)

  • 1 Prisoner Squat, 1 Monkey Humper
  • 2 Prisoner Squats, 2 Monkey Humpers
  • So on…up to 10 Prisoner Squats, 10 Monkey Humpers (totals 55 Prisoner Squats and Monkey Humpers each)

Mosey to end line of soccer field and partner up.

  • Partner 1 sprints 150 yards to end of Fred Fletcher field (beyond end of soccer field), meanwhile Partner 2 follows in a bear crawl. Partner 1 completes 3 burpees at the end of the field, then sprints back to meet his partner and switch. Partner 1 bear crawls back to start while Partner 2 sprints remaining way to the end of the field for 3 burpees, then back to the start. Standard Merkins while waiting for all Pax to finish.
  • Repeato, but with gorilla walks instead of bear crawl.

Mosey to side line with your partner for Partner Carry 11’s.

  • Partner carry 50 yds to opposite side of field, both partners complete 10 Standard Merkins each
  • Flapjack partners for the carry back, both partners complete 1 Prisoner Squat each
  • Repeato down to 1 Standard Merkin and 10 Prisoner Squats each
  • Once finished, run laps around soccer field until all Pax have completed the 11’s

Mosey to base of Hamburger Hill for 5’s (it was going to be 11’s, but time was running short. YHC meant to shorten it to 6’s, but accidentally said 5’s. You’re welcome.)

  • 4 Burpees at the top, 1 Star Jump at the bottom. Repeato down to 1 Burpee and 4 Start Jumps
  • Only caveat: backwards run up the hill, forwards run down the hill

Mosey to House of Cats.

  • People’s Chair: alternate between 2-leg and 1-leg variations
  • Mary: LBC x 25, Flutter Kicks x 25


Convergence at Chavis Park on April 18th. No Pullen, Catalyst, or Whiplash workouts that day.

Flag football is on the same day – see Zima or Macgruber for details.

Prayers with Money Hose and family on potential pending arrival of another 2.0, as well as with Slash and family.

Linda took us out.