19 strong for Ethanol and Day 3 of my birthday week Q-fest (today being the actual day).  Apologies for not having the Forge BB up yet for Day 2 or for the unoriginal title, but pizza, beer, and a party await.  Historical note: I challenge any other day of the year to have as much F3 Raleigh star power as 4/8 as I share this birthday with the one and only Johnny Utah.  Here we go:

Sandbags still living in my truck from this week’s previous Qs, so grab a sandbag (unfortunately there were only 12 which worked well earlier in the week but would create some issues today – actually that was probably a relief for many not to have the extra 7).  Circle up with bags beside you for GM x 15, Mtn climbers x 15, Fazio arm circles x 10 each way (only called b/c he was there), Imperial Walkers x 15, and last but not least Jack Webbs with sandbags in 1 merkin:4 press ratio….1:4, 2:8, 3:12 up to 10:40.  If you didn’t have a bag , rotate in with one periodically.  For those with bags the whole time, that’s 220 presses right there.  Leave bags beside my truck.

Jog from Panera area to Brio / Flemings area with one stop along the way for “super” quick feet x 20.  Arrive at stairs / escalators running up to Brio for Jacobs Ladder (11’s) of star jumps at the top and hammers at the bottom.  The mortals used the double set of stairs while High Life and maybe a couple others run up the down escalator and down the up…respect.  I’m older and wiser and know better.  As some finished sooner than others, assortment of plank led by Vector Victor.

Upon completion, jog back across parking deck to Panera stopping once again for “super” quick feet x 20.

At cars, grab sandbags from lower level of deck and carry them to 2nd level to find 5 sets of cones across approx. 80 yards of deck.  Count off into 1s and 2s. 2s run standard suicides while 1s do curls / curl 21s.  Flap jack.  Second rotation basketball defensive slide suicides for 2s (these sucked IMO, but Vector Victor owned them! – 1,000 burpee penalty for ALL if anyone slapped the floor) while 1s did tricep extension and bent over rows….flap jack.

Return to bottom of deck by cars and circle up for flutter kick sandbag press combo x 20, sandbag hammers x 30, and no bag LBCs x 15.  One more set of abbreviated Jack Webbs 1:4, 2:8, 3:12, 4:16, and finally 10:43 (for my age, although I’m feeling much older after these)….83 more presses for 303 total of those.  Finish off with 43 curls.  Solid work by all in what turned out to be a warm / humid workout due to limited airflow in the deck as we never hit the open air.

COT:  Flag football 4/18 to support N2N (look into Dice’s workouts following this game as some “weekend warrior” is bound to need some recovery); Mud Run 4/11 – no Whiplash Sat, but I believe Catalsyt and Pullen may be a go….check the web or twitter.  For a more thorough list of pending events, see Fazio’s Monday Eastbound BB.

Prayers for Hush Puppy family and Peach Pit’s dad who is pending surgery.  I know I’m missing someone else so please chime in in comments.  Elsinore took us out.

Thanks for the opportunity to Q.  Hope to be back soon,