Title says it all. 14 knuckle-draggin’ neanderthals escaped the fart sack and got down to business. Does Caroline count as the 15th?

Brisk pace to center field with bells in tow


Bell Good Mornings x20
Behind the back bell squat x15
Figure 8’s  x40
Bell Merkins x5 each side, OYO

The Thang was simple; 90 seconds, AMRAP of a given exercise and 5 burpees OYO between sets at the tone of the watch. Questions? Go to #UJ.

#1  Two handed swing
#2  Squat to high pull
#3  Alternating one handed swing
#4  Long slow flutter with overhead bell
#5  Two handed swing
#6  Dead lift
#7  Long slow flutter with overhead bell
#8  Bell Merkins (alternate sides every 5 reps)
#9  Two handed swing
#10  Hammers

Don’t forget, there were 50 burpees.

Done. SOLID work by all in attendance. #HumpDayFun

Maize and Yo-yo were challenged to register for the GRC2015 on October 17th and all are invited to the info meeting on 4/21 at Players Retreat, 7:00 pm.

Blue Ridge Relay prospects see Yo-yo or any captain for details.

In true Johnny Utah fashion, Bob Villa lead us in a moment of silent reflection.

Always honored to lead these fine men. #ISI #ImF3rd