YHC rolled in for his Ethanol VQ to a good bit of banter on the previous nights topics, most of which related to someone unfollowed and likely still talking.  This helped to forget the fact that the mercury was hovering around the 27 degree mark.  YHC having forgotten his trusty time piece made a quick call to the pax only to realize we were almost a minute behind schedule.  With a short warning of YHS’s lack of planning and an introduction for any not in the know, we hit the deck running.

The Thang:

Up the first ramp around to the next and up again, out behind Belk’s for warm-ups. Good Mornings x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Sir Nigel Fazio Arm Circles x 10 e/w, 10 Burpees OYO.

Jog towards the far side of the deck with some talk of finding rocks when YHC found another ramp for a set of 6’s, Burpees at the top and Mericans at the bottom, YHC dislikes ladder sets so he thought it would be a good addition to the morning, peoples chair when your done, strong finish by Butcher doing Burpees at both ends.

R&R back through the deck to some stairs YHC intended to take down to get the pax over to the rocks, though without a weinke when YHC made it to the bottom he thought why not go back up, YHC also dislikes stair climbs. From there YHC took the pax down and up yet again, only to stop at the top for for a lengthy peoples chair.

Back to the bottom and plank it out, while in plank, YHC remembered his distaste for a Merikan pyramid so that was the call to 6 and back.

Finally R&R over to the rocks by the Crabtree Tavern for a set of squat presses, triceps extensions, and curls wrapped around a LBC pyramid to 25 and back, yet another thing YHC is not so fond of.

R&R back to the deck to the first set of steps available, up 1 level and over a ways, find a spot on the wall for a little peoples chair, some BTW, back into BTW, 5 Burpees, and back to the run.

YHC made it up to the top level of the deck by way of yet another one of those sets of stairs only to mosey over to the next set and all the way back down to the starting point.

Circle up for a few more rounds, YHC called on a faithful Forge brother for the exercise of his choice, so the crunchy frog it was x 10, YHC then called the low country crab x 10, and that was it.

The Skin:

Never in my wildest nightmares could you have convinced me I would lead a group of men in a workout, much less one that would exert anyone other than myself or start at 5:30am.  This morning was a great group of men who willingly followed me through the paces, even eagerly challenged themselves to push it to the end.  We all dragged our selves out of nice warm fart sacs likely beside a warm M, and stepped into the 27 degree gloom to challenge our physical selves.  We do this because we know the benefits, stronger bodies, sharper minds, better sleep, and on and on.  I have been reminded over the past few weeks since a pax closed out a morning prayer challenging the pax to take the vigor of the morning at F3 into the day.  What a call, work at EVERYTHING else throughout the day as hard as you work in the morning gloom.  Step out into the uncomfortable place, encourage someone when you will likely receive no recognition or benefit from doing so.  Push through that time with family as you push through your sets in the gloom, walk a little slower down the hall at work in order to get to know someone new.  Take the F3 intensity into that mundane task at work that you so dread.  Let your coworkers, family, friends, and even strangers marvel at this rare virtue and watch them begin to ask why.  For me personally, certainly to God be the glory, but what a great opportunity to share not only your faith with someone but also F3.  Let your days reflect the leadership that God and F3 are growing in you.


The Arena this Friday at 2:15 (thanks Minnie) or 2 at Pullen to run over.  If you need another good reason, ask Epoxy.  If you’ve been and are not signed up to Q, why not!

As always thanks for letting me lead, it is one of the highlights of my week.