Click, click, we strike away the hour; through motion of cold and still of pain we stoke the furnace power…

14 PAX showed in the cold gloom for some iron swinging.

Warm-Up: Side Shuffle Hop x20, Windmill x20, Imperial Walker x20

It was a thing of beauty – 13 kettle bells, 13 men, each one proportioned correctly to it’s owner… and then Denali showed up five minutes late to screw up the whole thing. No matter, the clock stops for no man.

The Thang:

Pain Clock: At the end of each exercise all Pax shift clock wise, leaving the KB in place. The odd man out does Burpees for the duration.

  • Two Handed Swing x10
  • Squat to High Pull x10
  • Right Arm Clean and OH Press x10
  • Left Arm Clean and OH Press x10
  • Curls x10
  • Single Arm Swing x10
  • Triceps Extension x10
  • Repeat all of the above x15

The Circuit: Partner up! Each pair goes AMRAP at each station with the Overhead Carry being the time keeper.

  • Overhead Carry from back entrance to end of parking lot and back
  • Two Handed Swings
  • Squat to High Pull
  • Balls to the Wall/Peoples Chair (switch when walkers make the turn)
  • Single Arm Clean and OH Press
  • Goblet Squat
  • Curls

People’s Bucket Line: All Pax line up along the wall in People’s Chair with all bells piled at one end of the line. All of the bells are then passed down the line, pilled at the opposite end, then passed back while staying in People’s Chair.

Mary: Hammers x30, Freddies x30