Fourteen men posted for Cletus with some still nursing sore legs from the previous weekend’s marathon/half marathon races.  YHC’s objective was to work out the remnants of soreness with a tempo workout.

Jog up toward baseball fields for warm up

20 side straddle hops, 16 sir fazio arm circles, 15 good mornings, 30 merkins

Sufficiently warm we grabbed rocks and jogged back down to tennis courts, dropped rocks there, and continued jog across street to stairs by the community center.  Bunny Hop up stairs, 5 burpees at the top, bear crawl back down trail that leads back to stairs.  Repeat.  Jog back to tennis courts, grab rocks, and proceed around the perimeter of both courts alternating between lunge walk and overhead extension with rock on the side lines and back lines.  After a lap or so, stopped for partner wheel barrow walk and 15 count of balls to wall.  One more round of lunge and overhead and then jogged over to shelter for round of clown parade (carry rocks up and over picnic benches in a circle, for a while).  Four men at a time broke off from the clown parade to head over to playground for 10 pullups.  Once everyone had done pullups, we jogged with the rocks back over to the pile, dropped rocks, jogged back to tennis courts.  Mary consisted of 20 Ukrainian Hammers, 15 low slow flutter, 15 LBC, and a round of chill cut plank hold with a five count for each man around the circle.

Prayers for Crab Legs’ wife and her missionary group heading to Costa Rica soon and for those suffering in Belgium.

Discussion of doing the inaugural South Wake signature F3 Event, the Crawl, in May/June.  More to come.