13 showed up to a Judge not knowing what was in store. YHC had been kindly reminded of his Q duties the night before by the good Shepherd, Denali. Failed to put up a preblast but made a promise that the workout would be tough and simple.

The thang.

From the Parking lot,

Run to the 440 bridge and partner up on the way.

From the middle of the Bridge,

Partner 1 goes down one side to the bottom of the hill then runs back
Partner 2 runs down the opposite side then runs back

upon meeting partners complete 10 partner clap merkins, 10 lbcs

Switch Directions and continue this with the count of exercises going up by 10 each time,

Most pax got 3 trips, with Denali & Michelob completing an impressive 4 trips.

Back to the parking lot with 1 stop along the way to gather the six.


Not to much to this mornings judge, the climbs up to the bridge always suck though.

T claps to the Cary pax for venturing out of their comfort zone this morning. Glad you guys picked this occasion to come venture inside the ITB gates if only for a few brief, terrible moments.

Side Note: Manna was more eventful than usual thanks to our Guest Lecturer who schooled us on sustainability and the plague of humanity; its all our fault.

Alwasy an honor to lead