Once again The Forge sets another consecutive attendance record with 22 PAX (including 3 FNGs) entering the gloom for Tuesday’s downPAINment. The much storied adventures of tomatoes and hobos have probably added to the great mystique of the Forge. It was clear to see why some of the PAX abandoned their extreme beatdown at True Grit to witness firsthand the mysteries and spectacles that are The Forge.

A VSF was planted and the PAX began with a quick jog around the parking lot. (It alarmed some of the PAX that YHC had chosen to head down the parking lot toward the entrance/exit. There seemed to be some fears that we were going to relive Saturday’s grueling beat down on the Dorthea Dix campus.) At the top of the parking lot we stopped for Side Shuffle Hops x 15, Imperial Walkers X 15, Windmills X 10 and Sir Fazio Arm Circles x 8 each way.
Next our merry band of tourists and thrill seekers did a quick Robert Plant x 2, up the road pass the Tomato Garden, and over to the Pavilion overlooking the half-pipe. Some PAX ensured their workout spot allowed for an unobstructed view of the garden across the way. At the pavilion we spent some quality time with the picnic tables as we did Alternating Left/Right Step Ups x 10 and Dips x 10. Wash, Rinse, Repeat. (That means 3 times doesn’t it? Cuz that’s what we did.)
We were soon shuffling our feet over the tennis courts, but we made sure we went the proper way to allow a final fleeting glance at the intimidating tomatoes (see moleskin below). After reaching the tennis courts we did a little Plank and Push work, with Plank Jacks x 10, Merkins x 10, Run around the Courts, Walking Planks x 5 each way, Merkins x 8, Peoples Chair x 20, TD Curls x 5 each side, Merkins x 6 and Squats x 10.
We sauntered down to the Carousel Pavilion for some more fun with Windmills x 10, Mountain Climbers x 10 and a run around the Carousel, Cross Over Imperial Walkers x 10, more Mountain Climbers x 10, and another run around the Carousel, and finally we added Side Shuffle Hops x 10, one more set of Mountain Climbers x 10 and a final run around the Carousel.
We danced down to the steps on the southern side of lake for 3 delightful rounds of Quick Feet x 12 and Mini Jump Ups x 10.
YHC had planned to go to Pain Island for some work there, but the geese have claimed the Island christening it with their guano. Renaming rights for the Island are currently being auctioned; send all bids in to F3F with substantially large checks. The PAX delicately passed across the island and journeyed to the stone circle for some Planking time. Plank x 10, Putin x 10, Sarkozy x 10 and I think we repeated that….just not sure. The desecration of the island was too much for me and I lost focus. Therapy will help I’m sure.
Finally we made it to the playground and its soft spongy mats for Mary. I have often wondered whether using the spongy material was a wussy way of doing Mary, but I just like it there. And for those of you still reading through this, here’s what we did for Mary, LBC x 15, Hello Dolly x 15, Froggys x 10 Homer to Marge x 10, Freddy Mercury x 12, Rosalitas x 10 and sealing the deal with Russian Hammers x 10.

It was great to have so many PAX out. A strong showing and lots of effort put in. Epoxy dragged his 2.X out the door with him. We were glad to have 007 with us.
There was a sudden exclamation of shock, awe, and possibly extreme desire, when it was discovered the tomatoes were pushing a large pickup truck around the parking lot. Ya gotta love a gal that can do that!
The Forge was surprisingly uneventful after last week’s episode. Well, we can’t expect a workout and free entertainment every time.

Happy Hour this Thursday 7/11 at Bull and Bear
New Workouts are rolling out: Saturday beginning Aug 3. A running group on Wednesday – see Enron for details. Other additions to our growing calendar are in negotiations.

Closing Thought-
With all that’s been going on in the news, my mind has drifted back many times to the words from Micah 6:8
He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.