Because Spartans practiced infanticide, QIC + 16 PAX decided that it was unethical to do a “300” workout, thus began the following…

Warm up: Fazio arm circles 10x, reverse 10x, Plank jacks 10x, Good mornings 20x, Merkin 20x.

Tha thang: Jog to Pull up bars: Groups of 4 did sets of 5-10x pull-up variation while the rest of the PAX did the following: Staggered Merkin 16x, Switch staggered merkin 16x, Squats 10x, Crucifix merkin 10x, Diamond Merkin 10x, Squats 10x, Peter parker merkin 10x, Merkin 10x, Squats 10x, Crucifix Merkin 10x, Diamond Merkin 10x. All Together, Merkin 20x. Counting? We’re at 132.

Jog to Docks. 20x Derkin, 20x, Incline merkin, 20x Squats, 15x Derkin, 15x Incline merkin, 15x squats (to save your legs), 10x Derkin, 10x Incline merkin, 10x Squats, 5x Derkin, 5x incline merkin, 5x squats. (@ 232)

Jog to dip bars. 3 Groups rotating between staggered Merkins 15x, switch 15x and 15x Australian Pull-ups. 3 rounds of that. (@322)

Jog to Dam. 40x merkins (2 sets of 20, @ 362)

Jog to field for Mix of Merry and Merkins. Side to side crunches 25x, LBCs 20x Merkins 20x, Rosalitas 20x, Merkins 20x, 6″ leg hold 30 count, Merkins 20x, Reverse LBCs 20x, Merkin 10x. (calculators out? …@432)


Finish it out: Props to Money Hose, Gridlock, and Repo for Grinding out with Q for another 70x Merkins to make it a true 500. (@502)

ps. I need some help with names because everyone but a few left before I got back to the car to write everything down. The last 70x slowed us down…