Time to break out a blast from the past, F3-9000. 10 cones set up on the 8th floor of the parking deck with typed instructions taped to them. The PAX were split into two groups A and B. Three 30 pound shafts were brought along for extra fun. The concept…run to cone. Everyone does the group exercise, then each group does their assigned exercise for 1 minute, no resting. I tried to make a mathmatically correct number of exercises which through the force of calculus, physics, and geography would produce some unit equivalent to the number 9000. Ultimately this was deemed (by a group of renowned scientists) to be in the same category as the Yeti/Bigfoot, faster than light travel, perpetual motion, and the hope of Doogie and Riggs growing hair on the tops of their heads again. In the end, I decided it was the spirit of F3-9000 was more important than raw numbers.

The Thang:

1.  Everyone 10 SSH
a)  Incline Merkins
b) Decline Merkins
2.  Top of stairs…Everyone Run to Floor 3 and back
a)  Carolina Dry Docks
b) Military Presses (weight)
3.  Everyone 10 Snowboarders
a)  Kettle Swings (weight)
b) Mountain Climbers
4.  Top of Corkscrew…Everyone Run to Level 5 and back (with weights)
a)  Russian Hammers
b) Bicep Curls (weight)
5. Everyone 10 Peter Parkers
a) Top Shelf (weight)
b) Merkin Twists
6.  Everyone 10 counts
a) Burpees
b) Hold weight out in front (weight)
7. Everyone bear crawl light and back
a)  Twists (weight)
b) Jump Lunges
8. Everyone 10 Derkin Twists
a) LBCs
b) Tricep lift (weight)
9. Top of stairs…Everyone Run to level 1 and back
a) Rows (weight)
b) Planks
10. At elevators…Everyone 20 dips
a)  Ledge jumps
b) 10 pullups each
Collect cones on way back

Ultimately, time was not on my side and we (again) ran out of time. I did throw in one last corkscrew run just to shut Flying J up (he mocked me earlier).

COT: Courtesy of Riggs

We need to make a few more shafts so that everyone has one…I’m thinking 3 more. We also need to name them. I’m thinking of naming mine “Doogie’s Mom”

There was some talk about starting a Thursday morning F3, but I don’t think I can make that work, family-wise. Maybe a Wednesday or Thursday after work?

Doogie’s Mom is so fat, at the Angus Barn, the sign reads, “Maximum Occupancy 300…or Doogie’s Mom.”