As the official war daddy of F3 Raleigh and a faithful PAX for the last 15 months, Tooth Fairy takes the reigns of Pullen Park and delivers his own dose of pain without Novocaine or laughing gas.

ssh x15
good mornings x15
arm circles x20
windmill x15
Horse stance (overhead)
Horse stance (tapas)
Horse stance (front to wide)
imperial walkers x15

Run around the lake
bunny hop up the stairs
side to side shuffle hops for 40yards
run to tennis courts and split into two groups

group 1 (tennis courts):
suicides (6 lines) with burpees at each side (11 total)

group 2 (halfpipe):
5 mountain climbers
sprint up the hill
10 decline merkins
sprint to the bottom of the hill
10 mountain climbers
sprint to the top of the hill
5 decline merkins
run the halfpipe and plank while waiting for group 1

jog over to grassy area near the parking lots/train tracks:
20 star jumps
12 low squat jump turns
12 ground to high knee jumps
10 rock star jumps
<a few others>

jog down to amphitheatre for mary/merkins
scissors x15
standard merkins x15
heels to heaven x20
wide grip merkins x15
hello dolly x20
diamond merkins x15
cannonballs/hip rock and raise x15
jailbird merkins/burpees x5
froggies x15
staggered merkins x15
russian hammers x20
dive bombers x12
bicycles x15