Welcome to the Juggernaut at Baileywick.  Crisp morning air cooled after an evening rain is very refreshing.

Warmup light jog to the grass fields and then inspired by Darby circle run around with mix of facing in and out.

SSH*20, Prison Squat*20, Ski Abs *10, Mountain Climbers*10, Burpees*10, Slow Mo Merkins *10

Up and down the hill with a partner wheelbarrow, LBC *20, plank hold till pax converge at bottom

Circuit Training A, B, C

Circuit A.  Cindy*5–>  Pullups*5, Merkins*10, Squats *15

Circuit B.  At the bench Jump ups *15, Irkins*15, Dips*15 and Derkins*15

Circuit C.  Top of Hill.  Run up 5 burpees then run down 5 burpees repeat 3 times

Finale-  Jack Weber 1:4 with Burpee/Squat.  1 burpee and 4 squats, 2 burpees and 8 squats. etc.  We got up to 10 burpees and 40 squats but we missed the 9th cycle.  My bad, ran out of time.

COT- Prayer for Ringworm Family since he was killed recently in a motorboat accident, prayers for floppy’s daughter.