Nine PAX gathered on a balmy 40 degree morning, despite the absence of Vortex mainstay TI.  After a warm-up consisting of a quick run, SSHs, imperial walkers, mountain climbers, and merkins (15 of each, cadence count), we headed to the playground for arm circuits.  The first circuit was so easy (12 pull ups, 20 Carolina dry docks, 20 dips, 20 rows, 20 derkins) that we plunged into the second with no rest and added five reps to the dry docks, dips, rows, and derkins.  It was not as easy.

We then moseyed back to the field for what were supposed to be FIVE journeys of pain.  The QIC was a bit optimistic about how long it would take us to complete each journey, however, so we settled for THREE.  The first was a mile run, paced (6:22) to be faster than the 6:30/mile clip required for a perfect score on the PT test for young bucks.  It was probably not wise to budget only seven minutes for this one.  After a ten count, we went all the way across two soccer fields for our second journey, alternating between walking lunges (10 steps) and merkins (sets of ten).  Another ten count and we were off on our third journey of pain: traveling triple-merkin burpees back across the two fields.  We more or less planked until all were finished.  Good times.

Mary consisted of two consecutive sets of LBCs (thanks to The Donald) and plank-o-rama.  It was great to have some folks back after holiday breaks, and it has been inspiring to see Soggy and the LBC-loving Donald become Vortex regulars.  Looking forward to a Q from Two-Ply next week as we muddle through another Vortex without TI.

(Posted on behalf of Assisi)