Seven PAX of questionable judgment but unquestionable steel braved icy roads and the cold to assemble in the dark with still colder kettlebells.

Due to the icy conditions, the KOSHA regulations were in full effect. Since it was unsafe to have recovery runs between exercises, YHC basically cut out all recovery.  The PAX just worked and worked and worked before the sun could melt the frost.

For some inexplicable reason, and to foreshadow events to come, YHC was ending cadence counts at odd intervals:  9, 18, 27.  And despite the “praise” Box Jump heaped YHC the day before for his rhythm, YHC demonstrated neither rhythm nor grace, as he was not always able to follow his own cadence count.  However, the only cadence calls were during exercises designed to warm and loosen cold muscles and joints. Once workout really began, nothing else really mattered.

Warm up of

  • 25 x SSH
  • KB Halo (OYO)
  • KB Halo Reverse (OYO)
  • 20ish windmills
  • 20ish goblet squats
  • Long Strong KB Hamstring stretch
  • Farmer Carry all KBs on site to the grinder
  • 30ish Alternating One Arm KB Swings

After a quick practice snatching a bell without smashing your wrist, the Thang:

Circuit One

  • 10 one arm swings/switch arms
  • 10 snatches/switch arms
  • (Repeat for 3 rounds)

Circuit Two, Partner up & double up on KBs

  • Partner 1:  Run to end of parking lot and back
  • Partner 2: KB Man-makers:  Using 2 KBs, merkin, renegade row, merkin, renegade row, low squat, clean & press (repeat until Partner 1 returns)
  • Flapjack
  • (Repeat for 3 rounds)

Circuit Three

  • 10 Reverse Swinging Lunge/switch legs (YHC’s personal favorite)
  • 10 one armed, one legged bent row/switch
  • 10 Full Body Around the World (10 per side, 20 total)
  • (Repeat for 2 rounds)

Wall Plank:  Plank with feet pressed against the wall, parallel to the ground.  Hold for 10 count by each of the PAX


As the PAX assembled for COT, YHC pulled off his glove to be splattered by blood and discover a grossly swollen finger.  During the Man-makers, he smashed his finger between the frozen asphalt a 40lb ball of cast-iron ice.  YHC’s odd counts early in day were a sign of what was to come. You cannot use your fingers to count to ten, if you only have nine.

The PAX spoke of mud runs, mountain biking and donuts.  We were grateful to have King David back, and selecting the Blitz, for his first “non-recovery” workout in quite some time.  4 PAX continued the warm fellowship at coffeeteria

As always, YHC was honored and humbled to be able to start his day with such steady and steadfast models for what men should be.