YHC decided to bring the Christmas cheer with a Santa hat and some Christmas tunes (thank you Papercut for the playlist) today.  Nothing is better to me than a good flag run, so we began with that.  “Courtesy of the Red, White, and Blue” played as we moseyed to the tennis courts.  Good time – GO AMERICA!


SSH x 12

IW x 5 (thanks to Dingo)

Merkins x 12


Line up on the side of the tennis court (Christmas tunes playing) for a set of 12’s (12 days of Christmas).  Bear crawl down, hand-release merkins, crab walk back, star jumps.  This was horrible.  Modified halfway through to just do one tennis court width.

Partner up for suicides and amrap squats.

Bear Balls – longest one I’ve done so far.

Flag run back to God Bless the USA (Lee Greenwood) and then Thundermerkins.

Great work pax!

Announcements – need Q’s at Crucible, Detention, and Juggernaut.  Preacher Man (from True Grit) is preaching on the 31st and many are joining to support him.

Prayers – For all travel over the Christmas break.  YHC reminded the pax to BEHOLD the Lord in this season, as He is the Rock that we cling to daily for life, sustenance, and meaning.