YHC had planned to make the trip to FV for Possum Trot this morning, but turtle pie, double chocolate/peanut butter M&M cookies, and beer, and hitting the sack at 12 put a nix on that. Instead, YHC woke to find Stretch had pulled an all nighter at the new house trying to get ready for inspection and needed a Q for GTR. That 10 min drive is much more doable.



Cotton Pickers x 10 IC

High knees to the breezeway and back

Butt kickers to the breezeway and karaoke back

The thang:

Indian Run to White Deer


Derkins from the picnic table x 100

Dips x 200

Foot release squats x 300

Mozy back to the crosswalk on Buffalo Rd

S&Ms – jog back to flags and alternate Squats and Merkins (x 5) at each light pole

Approx. 100 yards from the flags, JAILBREAK! YHC got the Stretch advantage and jumped the Jailbreak to coast in for the win.

Prayer Requests:

YHC’S niece who is still recovering from pneumonia

Bloodsport and his M as the prepare for another child


Impromptu 2nd F followed with Double D, Farva, and Stovepipe from Possum Trot at Sheetz.


Great work men!