Peaches and Nemo were the first to show up. Nemo came over and said “Peaches and I were talking that if there is only going to be the three of us, we are going to mutiny.” As 16 PAX eventually showed, I’m glad there was no mutiny this morning. No Sugar came out of his car with a cup of tea. Nice! Doctor Quinn’s son Black Diamond showed up for some pain. Way to go BD! I knew Yoda was around when I heard “Yeah Screech!” Hash Brown showed up late but ran 5 miles to get there. Now that’s a good excuse. Great work! We’re going to have some fun this morning.

Pass Out Hammers and Tires

Mosey up to the track and circle up

Warm Up
SSH x 25
Good Mornings x 20
Windmills x 15
Imperial Walkers x 15
Fazio Arm Circles x 20
Swiss Merkins x 16
Tire Slam x 20 OYO

Count 1s and 2s
2 Lines one with hammers one with tires – Indian run around track
Hammer Line – row the boat with hammer – hold hammer out front when running from
back to front
Tire Line – carry tire – hold tire above head when running from back
Yoda – “Slow down the line Peaches. You’re going too fast!”
Peaches – “Now that’s a first.”

Back to the circle

The Thang

1st Track Set
Barbarian Squat x 20
Grave diggers Right x 20
Joust Right x 20
Tire Squat Press x 20

Mosey run around track – no coupons

2nd Track Set
Tire Curl x 20 (add hammer to tire for weight)
Tire Roll x 20 (like the Nippler)
Tire Burpee Press x 10 OYO
Thruster x 20

Mosey run around track

3rd Track Set
Plank to wait for the PAX
Barbarian Squat x 20
Grave diggers Left x 20
Joust Left x 20
Tire Burpee Jump Over x 10 OYO

Mosey run around track

4th Track Set
Plank to wait for the PAX
Tire Slam Ladder
2 Slams Right
2 Thrusters
4 Slams Right
4 Thrusters
6 Slams Right
6 Thrusters
8 Slams Right
8 Thrusters
5 Slams Right 5 Slams Left
10 Thrusters
Brought it back down with Slams on the left
Yogi – “Has anyone heard of the 22 for 22 project going on? It’s 22 merkins for 22 days. In honor of our veterans. 22 veterans commit suicide every day.” Great idea Yogi. 22 merkins right now
22 Merkins – Yogi called out cadence

Mosey run around track

5th Track Set
Partner up
Derkins off tire x 15
Dips off tire x 15
Derkins off tire x 10
Dips off tire x 10
Partner 1 runs around track
Partner 2 Flies and Presses with hammer

Wall Set
People’s Chair – 5 count down the line
Balls to the Wall – 5 count down the line

Last Track Set
Tire Slams x 10

Mosey back to parking lot with coupons

Freddie Mercury x 20
Slow Flutter x 20
6 inch hold – count to 5 around circle – Yoda “Hold the hammer in the air!”
American Hammers (with hammer) x 20
Homer to Marge x 20
Have a Nice Day!


Strava Link – Where We Went

F3 Christmas Party Dec 18th Monday 6pm Little City Brewing 400 W. North Street – Bring $20 or Pay online via PayPal link
Yoda announced 2 more times to get the 5 Points Triple – Ball Bearings Wed, Judge Thurs, Fight Club Friday – Get your name on a T Shirt
New Year’s Day Convergence at Pullen at 7 am – Frey Daddy is Q

Prayer Requests

Fazio recovering from back surgery
Yogi’s best friend Tony Pendola diagnosed with cancer
My mom has late stage Alzheimer’s and my dad has recurring prostate cancer that has spread to the bone

Yogi took us out with a great prayer.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead and serve. Aye!