Today we combined two crowd favorties for our daily dose of fun, Jack Webbs and Chariot Races.

The Thang:

Warmup with:
SSH x 25
Imperial Walkers x 25
Windmills x 10
Merkins x 10

Each PAX grabs 2 bricks from Mr. Hand’s car, YHC also grabs a bunch of bicycle innertubes, then we all mosey to the soccer field.

Jack Webbs (1 pushup, 4 arm raises, with bricks) from 1 (4) up to 10 (40)

Take a quick break for some Peoples Balls (still holding bricks):
Peoples Chair x 30, bricks down, out front, and overhead
Balls2Wall x 30
Peoples Chair x 30, bricks overhead, out front, and down

Back to soccer field to finish Jack Webbs:
Jack Webbs (1 pushup, 4 arm raises, with bricks) from 10 (40) down to 1 (4)

Drop bricks and pickup bicycle innertubes for Chariot Races. We had an odd number of PAX today, so Pergo drug both Huffy and YHC. He’s a BEAST!
Put bicycle tube around the waist of PAX #1. PAX #2 holds bicycle tube while PAX #1 sprints 50 yards. Flapjack and return to start.
Repeato 2 more times.

Quick break for:
Merican Hammers x 20
WWII Situps x 20
Plank-o-rama (regular, left, right) x 30

One more round of Chariot Races, down and back.

Freddie Mercury x 25
High Slow Flutter x 25


Lots of events coming up.
F3Raleigh 2015 planning meeting @ Players Retreat Tuesday Jan 27th @ 8pm. (All welcome)
F3Raleigh 3 year convergence @ Pullen Saturday March 7th
USMC Mudrun (The Superbowl of F3) Saturday April 11th

Prayers for Pergo. He pulled his Hammy during Chariot Races and then really hurt it at Flood Zone the next day. Heal well brother!