37 degrees and steady rain.  This is when we separate the men from the MacGrubers.  Three posted at the birthplace of F3 Raleigh.  YHC was the War Baby by more than a decade.  Old man strong, indeed.


Quick warm-up of SSH x 25, mountain climbers x 20, plank jacks x 20, windmills x 20.

And we’re off.  First stop on the south side of the pond for irkins x 15, quick feet x 20, star jumps x 10 OYO.  Rinse and repeat.  Once more for good measure.

Run to Goose Island for squats x 30 and alternating lunges x 30.  Lunge walk the bridge and it’s on to the rock pile.  Grab a good sized boulder for shoulder presses x 20, curls x 20, tricep extensions x 15.  Back through this circuit twice with tapering reps.

Return the boulders to the pile and mosey to the shelter for our only “inside” work of the day.  Jump ups x 10 OYO, dips x 15, derkins x 10.  Jump ups x 10, French dip x 15 count, irkins x 15.  Hit the tables for American Hammers x 20 and LBCs x 20.  Jump ups x 10 again, ’cause they are good for us. One more set of dips and mosey on toward State College.

Lunge walk the bridge over the railroad and run around the Pullen Road traffic circle and back to the hidden amphitheater at the design school.  Alternating left/right step ups x 20, irkins x 15, dips x 15.  Rinse and repeat, this time with derkins x 10.  Once more for good measure.

Back to Pullen; lunge walk the railroad bridge again.  Plank it out by the shelter while one of the Pax sprints around it.  Putin, Sarkozy, and Chilcutt interspersed.  Each Pax member sprints three times.

Mosey to the playground for 6MOM.  Dealer’s choice with Freddie Mercury x 20 from FD, Rosalita x 20 from TF, and American Hammers x 20 from YHC.  Finish with a one minute high plank hold (for Munson).


Lots of activity for F3 Raleigh.  Town Hall meeting this Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m.  March 7 is the third anniversary convergence at Pullen.  Let’s hope for a better turnout than today….  Mud Run on April 11 in SC.  Floppy Disk has a list of other events including a Legends Race in Oxford coming up.  See him for details.

Prayers for Pergo, who pulled a hammy this week, and for Tooth Fairy’s cousin who continues to recover from a gunshot wound.

Floppy Disk took us out.  100% attendance at coffeeteria, including a visit from Pergo.

Lamp out.