We started with eleven but ended with twelve in this weeks installment of The (Is that right, is it The Wolf Run? ala The Ohio State? I hope not. #downwiththebucks) Wolf Run. I’m always told it’s how you finish in life but that encapsulates several phases of life so we’ll keep it clean.

YHC had only been to Wolf Run once. #loser My solo mission was over the Christmas break when Myrtle ran us like seven miles. #silly YHC assumed that’s what the PAX members wanted so we ran…and ran.

Here’s the Thang:

Ran 4.7 miles #thanksplebe

50 burpees and 50 merkins – Stopping at turns to do sets of 10s.

Nice little Friday.

Good work!

Naked Moleskin:

*We ran about 4.5 miles and then Yo-Yo appears. He mumbles something about the PAX leaving the post too early but I know this is the second day in a row Johnny Track Star has gotten a bit loose with the snooze button. #tightenitup #isi Glad you made it out nonetheless.

*Myrtle is quite a character. I don’t truly understand the Myrtle meter but I like it. Myrtle is taking his Q talents throughout the Triangle this Winter. Good example, breh. More PAX members should follow his lead. #YHCincluded

*Sunshine is creeping back into the mix as Old Man back must be clearing up. PAX wanted the all white shorts #wimbledon this morning but it was more of a Messi #argentina Friday.

*T Square is fast and YHC doesn’t see him enough in the land of Cary. We need ya’, brother. I’ll mark you down for an A-Team Q! #aye

*Fannie didn’t show. #weak I heard he has a hurt toenail. #iceupson We missed ya’. Get better.

Krispy Kreme Challenge. YHC is doing it. I wouldn’t sign up if I were you but I’m doing it. #dredd

Kick Cancers ass.

One of my favorite moments of the day is Qing a work-out and watching the cars roll into the parking lot. It is awesome feeling and an awesome responsibility to be a leader of men during that time. Thanks for the chance to lead on the Wolf Run.