8 pax, some still reeling from the Mule II, came for their morning beatdown

Warmup: yog, SSH x20, mountain climber x20, good morning x20, IW x20, arm circles x20, merkins x10

Block party – grab a 20ish lb Duke stone and a partner
1. Jack Webb pyramid 1 to 10
2. 1 partner squats (with rock), other partner runs to 100yard segments and back
3. 1 partner bicep curls, other partner runs
4. 1 partner tricep extensions, other partner side shuffles
5, 6, 7, 8, 9, … there were a lot of those… YHC is blanking on all the details… the walking lunges with the block was exceptionally painful … also doing bear crawls and gorilla walks weren’t enjoyable
10. 10 merkins with block on your back, repeato
11. Wood chops

Yog on back – COT

– Good work by the PAX today; YHC often forgets how heavy those darn stones are…
– F3Durham’s 1 year anniversary is next Saturday 10/19 at 0700. We’ll be inviting special guests (Howard, White Shoe, CK, etc…) to help Q our anniversary… let’s make it a big turnout
– If you overindulge the days leading up to an F3 workout…