We like devices among the ranks of F3. Devices that strengthen. And devices that demolish.

In.no.va.tion (Noun) ˌi-nə-ˈvā-shən: A new idea, method or device.

With openness to experimentation, invention, exploration…yea, innovation, YHC set out to take the PAX to a place they did not want to go:


For today’s episode of The Catalyst, we explored some IDDs (especially in the Animal House), along with tried and true methodologies. All with pleasing results, from the vantage point of this Friar.


1) The Warmup

SSH x25 / Alt lunges x25 / Imperial walkers x25 / Mericans x20 / (IDD) Alt side lunges x20 / Mericans x20 / Alt lunges x20 / Mericans x20


2) RUN to Douglas Elementary (mile-ish)

High knees on the run / Butt kickers on the run / Fartlek sprints (Q calls) (IDD)



Box jumps x20 / Derkins x15 / Alt Stepups x20

[This we cut short out of courtesy for Team Tomato, so as not to disrupt the serenity of Yoga Mat Alley. We are classy like that in F3. However, no worries. More in store.]


4) Track & Field

G1 – sprint the track 2x

G2 – pull up burnout

G3 – double box jumps (seat, table, seat, floor) on picnic tables



5) Animal House (through the field inside the track)

Bear crawl the field / Clanks x5

IDD –> Clanks (Clock Planks): Plank position, rotate clockwise, get dizzy

Giraffe Jumps across the field  / Std Mericans x10

IDD –> Giraffe Jumps: Alternating jump-runs across the field in the (as Sir Fazio observed) “Safety Dance” position, alternating arm raises with each jump

Crab walk the field / Clanks x5

Giraffe Jumps across the field / Std Mericans x10

Bear crawl the field / Good old fashioned Burpees x10


6) RUN back to Carroll

Attack the hill of Rowan


7)  Mini-Fest

Mini Stepups x20 / Mini Dericans x15 / Mini Jumpups x20 / Mini Iricans x15



LBC x30 / Freddie Mercs x30 / Russian hammers x30 / Windshield wipers x20



. Names of the PAX

. Announcements – Flood Zone will kick off next Friday, 0515 with Yo Yo in command.

. Needs for prayer: Continued prayer for Dufresne; for Floppy’s M recovering from back surgery; reminder from Sir Fazio to be grateful for the gift of F3; YHCs M, who is on the job hunt.

. 3rd F – “Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” Galatians 6:2 à To “fulfill the law of Christ” is to love God with everything we’ve got and to love our neighbor the same way. We do this as the PAX, and it strengthens us to do the same out in the world. It’s what we’re about.

. Tony Robbins took us out in prayer.