Once again the ornery and CSAUP thing that is the Mule was set loose on downtown Raleigh. A mighty PAX of 39 launched from Pullen Park for a 3.5 hour tour of the Capital City with 5 stops to view the local scenery.

The Thang:

Pullen Park, lead by Howard and Au Pair:
Warm up jog around Pullen lake with lunge walk over bridge. SSH (x 25), Imperial Walker (x 20), Good Morning (x 20), Sir Fazios Arm Circles (x 10 each forward/back), Merkins (x 20), Mountain Climbers (x 20), LBC (x 20), Windmills (x 20).

Jog 1 mile to Dorothea Dix (Utah Beach), lead by Johnny Utah and Cinderella::
PAX were split into four brigades, each with a standard. Each brigade was responsible for advancing the standard as an attached unit. Every time the Pax were hit by incoming fire (water ballons) the whole brigade stopped and took care of the hit soldier as per the no man left behind policy. 1st hit: soldier dies – partner carry. 2nd hit: both hit soldiers do 10x burpees to be revived back to a partner carry. Each additional hit beyond 2nd adds 5 burpees to the penalty. Pax must progress beyond the Q standard to complete the assault.
Between the beaches: 30x Merkin, 30x diamond merkin, 30x reverse LBC, 30x heels to heaven.
Next assault: same as first – All site Qs take defensive positions. All Pax pair up and storm the beach as small units. Same penalties apply.

Jog 1.5 miles to State Capitol Building, lead by White Shoe and Chong Li:
Inchworm races
Everyone gets to bear crawl around the Capitol Building
Tunnel of Love (low crawl under men in high plank hold position)

Jog 1.5 miles to Fletcher Park, lead by King David:
Jacobs ladder to five on Hamburger Hill, with burpees at the top decending from five, and bear crawls down the hill each time.
Final bear crawl down done in “Left” “Right” fashion with the entire Pax moving together as one.
Heels to heaven x 25; rosalitas x 25; russian hammers x 25.
Finish with Jack Webbs to 10.

Jog 1.5 miles to Jaycee Park, lead by Gnobby and Lamp
Split into three groups and enter “The Pit.”
Round 1 – Group one does merkins. Group two sprints the length of The Pit. Group three does prisoner squats. Repeat until each group does each exercise.
Round 2 – Group one does burpees. Group two sprints the length of The Pit. Group three does high plank hold. Repeat until each group does each exercise.
Round 3 – Group one does wide grip merkins. Group two does crab walk for half the length of The Pit and bear crawl for the rest. Group three does alternating Putin/Sarkozy. Repeat until each group does each exercise.

Jog 1 mile to NCSU Bell Tower, lead by Doogie and Riggs
Merkin wave:
15 merkins, roll, 15 freddie mercuries, roll
15 merkins, roll, 15 freddie mercuries, roll
15 merkins, roll, 15 freddie mercuries, roll
15 merkins, roll, 15 russian hammers, roll
15 merkins, roll, 15 russian hammers, roll

Plank city:
20 mountain climbers
20 carolina dry docks
20 peter parkers
20 high/lows
20 plank jacks
20 supermans

roll over
20 6″ leg raise
10 low slow flutter
10 high slow flutter
20 hello dolly
20 scissors

Jog .5 miles to finish with Tug of War and Ball of Man back at Pullen baseball diamond.
photo 2

Strong work by the PAX, young and old, 12 years – 62 years! Total duration 3.5 hours, total distance 8.5 miles! Great work by all! The Buck Rogers decoder report shows it all.

T-claps to all of the following:
Bob Villa and Doogie for helping to plan this event!
Fazio and M. White Shoe for providing outstanding support with the recovery vehicle, hydration/nutrition, and pictures!
All of the Qs for making this such a memorable day, great job guys!

Memorable moment…calf cramps hit YHC in bad a way, stopping me in my tracks after we left The Pit…Chong Li says something like “Oh man, I see it!” White Shoe then gets all excited and yells “OK, you guys, pick Floppy up! We’ll carry him the rest of the way!”

The following made me feel better about the nap I took Saturday afternoon…Even 007 was tired after the Mule 2013!

I’m missing a couple of names on the PAX list, please holler out and I’ll update.