Enron wasn’t even at today’s workout but was cursed at for inspiring a demanding tabata (not ciabatta) start to the workout, which was followed by a complete, full-body mix of exercises and running.  Great work today by the PAX.  Special welcome to Invisible Shirt.  Take a guess at how he got that name (yeah, he did that, but only because he didn’t have gloves for the Merkin Tabata and didn’t want to tear up his hands; three cheers for prudence).  Looking forward to seeing you out with us again soon.


Run to the upper parking lot and circle up.

  • SSH (35x)
  • Imperial Walkers (10x)
  • Mountain Climbers (20x)

The Thang

  • Merkin Tabata: 20 seconds on, 20 seconds off – 8x

Run to upper field:

  • Sprint Tabata: Sprint the length of the field, followed by 10 seconds of rest – 8X

Run back to the upper parking lot and stop at the curb:

  • Calf Raises (50x)

Run to the picnic area:

  • Pullups (10x)
  • Dips (20x)
  • Left, Right Step Ups (20x).  We did this circuit 3x with no rest in between.

Run to the House of Cats:

  • Partner 1 sprints to the fence and back while Partner 2 does Balls to the Wall until failure, immediately followed by a Burpee recovery (punishment?).  Flapjack.  Repeato, this time with People’s Chair.

Run to the tennis courts:

  • Partner 1 runs backwards the length of the tennis courts and back while Partner 2 does Single Leg Deadlifts.  Flapjack.  Each team finishes at 100 total reps.  Repeato, this time with 50 reps of Star Jumps.
  • Mary: WWII Situps (35x)


  • Sign up for the Go Ruck.  Everybody’s doing it.  You ain’t cool unless you Go Ruck.  It’s not absoluely insane.  Do it.
  • Sign up for the F3 Raleigh Komen 5k team.  It’s June 13.

Mr. Hand took us out in a strong prayer.