Well YHC had good intentions to mix it up and have a new workout using the newly purchased fold up ladder he’ purchased from Amazon a few weeks ago.  Kept forgetting it otherwise this BB would have been posted much sooner.  Much to his demise when opening the ladder it basically fell apart.  So scratch that.  With the ladder soon to be on it’s way to Deadbolt’s for reconstruction we welcomed Austin Herbert our FNG with the disclaimer and the Pax of 9 were off to a fairly normal workout in the Quay.

The Thang…

Warm Up- Lap around the park,  SSH x 30, IWs x 25, MCs x 25, Merkin x 20

Jog down to the lower concession stands- Bunny Hops on the curb x 50, slow wide grip irkins on the curb touch your chest to the curb x 10, Quick Feet x 30, slow wide grip irkins touch chest to curb x 8. Repeat 3 times.

Peoples Chair, Inverted Mountain Climbers X 20. Rinse and repeat

Jog back up to the tennis courts- Double down Suicides on the 4 courts

Mary- Reverse LBCs, Protractor, Windshield Washers, Side Plank x 2, Chilcott to finish.

COT- Welcome Austin Herbert to the Pax.  Austin is a Cary native and former Kicker for State kicked on some of the great teams including our Gator Bowl win over ND.  When asked what his favorite 80’s movie was he quickly answered Rad.  I have much respect for that answer but Hell Track is way too cool of a name so Howard chimed in with Tire Pump so we went with that.  Great turn out at the convergence this past weekend.  Hate I missed it but we had a baseball game.  F3 Dads this weekend.  Yosef has an opening for the Ninja this weekend at 12:30.  Prayers for Yosef’s friend and his family, he’s been fighting Brain Cancer and is in his final walk home.  YHC asked for Prayers for the neighborhood of Crooked Creek, GC is closing in July and we’re trying to prevent it’s closure.  Would be awesome if this holds up.

Always a pleasure to lead you in the Gloom!!