When YHC arrived at the Blitz with two KBs bearing quotes and images, the PAX were already energized and in high spirits. YHC had marked his bells with Walt Whitman (35lbs) and George Mallory (50lbs) to make them easy to indentify in the gloom and to remind us why we are here.  Before the disclaimer, YHC recited “little Walt’s” call to rise-up and seize and celebrate our lives

Long enough have you dream’d contemptible dreams,
Now I wash the gum from your eyes,
You must habit yourself to the dazzle of the light and of every moment of your life.

Long have you timidly waded holding a plank by the shore,
Now I will you to be a bold swimmer,
To jump off in the midst of the sea, rise again, nod to me, shout, and laughingly dash with your hair.

Disclaimer given, the PAX grabbed one or two KBs each, and moseyed down to the track leaving not a bell behind.


  • 15 x Imperial Walkers, OYO the CMM Twist, OYO KB Halos.

The Thang: The PAX broke up into pairs for

4 rounds

  • Partner #1: 50 KB swings
  • Partner #2: AMRAP Reverse Leg Raise/KB Straight Arm Pull Over
  • Flapjack

It was at this point 31 PAX from Urban Jungle arrived, grabbed some rocks and planked until the 19 Blitzers joined them in concentric circles and offers of extra bells.

Shaggy, leading the Urban Jungle Mystery tour, lead all 50 PAX through:

2 rounds

  • Triceps extensions
  • Curls
  • Bent over rows
  • Rock/Bell Merkins.

Then the Urban Jungle PAX began their egress, and the active rest stage of the Blitz came to close, so the PAX returned to the Grinder to finish what we had begun:

1 round:

  • 100 KB swings
  • AMRAP Reverse Leg Raise/KB Straight Arm Pull Over (until all PAX had competed their swings)

Wild Yawp

It was a good morning. A morning that would see a Blitz record of PAX 19, and 31 welcome visitors from Urban Jungle.

300 KB swings, core-shredding reverse leg raises and shoulder-numbing pull-overs illustrated the words stamped on “George”, YHC’s 50lbs KB.  There is no “use” in attempting to climb the world’s highest peak, slogging through a mountain of tedium in the office or swinging heavy iron balls in the dark. When asked what is the “use” of attempting Everest, Mallory responded, “I would be compelled to answer ‘none.’”   Sure by showing up and pressing through the morning pain we might get to tighten our belt a knot or two, or look a little better in our shirt sleeves. But otherwise, nothing will come of swinging 50lb iron balls 300 times at 5:30 in the morning. It is “simply the gratification of the impulse of achievement, the indomitable desire to see what lies beyond the heart of man.” This morning, the 19 men of the Blitz reached with their hearts, and revealed character, strength and beauty.

COT, Name-o-rama, announcements and prayers.

Five PAX slowed the morning with Warrior Yoga (Friar Tuck, Pig Pen, Fazio, YHC, led by Chong Li). Many more gathered for good coffee and even better fellowship.

With Gratitude. Cut Me Mick