Good morning to the 12 PAX that got up on this Crisp day. I decided last night that I will pick up our under the weather Scheduled Q (We got your back Vanderbeek, Get Better.) I had a few new things I wanted to try so follow me.

Started out with a nice little Run and circled up for the Standard warm up.

SSH 15 Regular and 10 double time, Good mornings 10. Windmills 10. Merkins 10 (get used to these) Sir Fazio Arm circles 10 x 10

Took the long way around to the field. Everyone line up please.

Cones were set up at 5 yard then 10 more yards and then 15 yards

Round 1 Run to 5 yard drop and give me 5 Merkins. Pop and run to 10 yard drop and give me 10 Merkins. Pop and run to 15 yard drop and give me? You guessed it 15 Merkins. Run back to start line and Lay down, on my count. 10 Leg flutters.

Round 2 That was so fun, let’s do it again!

Round 3 5 yard 5 Squats, 10 yard 10 Squats 15 Yards 15 Squats. Run back, drop 10 leg flutters

Round 4 5 yard 1 Burpee, 5 Merkins. 10 yard 2 Burpees 10 Merkins. 15 yard 3 Burpees 15 merkins. Run back and drop and get on your bikes and ride! 10 Freddie Mercury’s

Round 5 This has been fun! I have a little burn. Why not lets bear crawl the next one!

5 yard bear crawl stay down 5 Merkins. 10 yards bear crawl, 10 Merkins. 15 yards bear crawl 15 Merkins. Run back hit the ground and finish with 10 LBC’s I think there may have been another round in there but due to the lack of oxygen flow to my brain, I can’t recall.

Not that I was counting Merkins, that’s one hundred and twenty! Plus the 10 in warm ups.

No rest for the weary. To the top of the bus circle!

Spider-man crawl up and around the building. Heck, let’s do it twice!

Q called for planks at the finish. Q finished 1st started to plank. “If you can’t do it don’t Q it!” Arms where shot. Rolled over and did LBC’s until all were done.

Run to the circle and pair up.

 1st group runs the circle while 2nd group does Randorama. The kicker being if we don’t run the circle by any 20 count we add another lap. We are going to start with 5 laps each. Go! I am very happy to say not only did the runners cooperate, but so did the counters! Number 6 would have put me over the edge.

Run over to the Ball court and did a little random PAX Mary. 10 LBC, 10 Homer to Marge. 10 reverse Mt. Climbers. 10 WWII, 10 low slow flutters and finished off with 25 American Hammers.

Thank you for the opportunity to lead. Spurrier

Prayers and concerns, Upcoming events. and Name O rama.