I’m blessed by so many things, and this day had a bunch of them all rolled into one day. Thank you Lord for what you give me! It went like this…

I pulled up to my standard parking spot at Pullen Park about 0515 thinking I’d do some solo running until ruck practice started at 0600. Doing a little warmup and here comes Single-wide to join me! We headed out into the gloom for 1.5 hours of EC rucking. Only downside was we were having so much fun we forgot to roll back by the AO and check for other ruckers at 0600. Sorry Ollie…

0700 rolls around so it’s time for the standard fun that is our Pullen Park beatdown.

SSH x 25
Windmills x 15
Indian run with butt-kickers, high-knees, and karaoke left/right, because we had somewhere to go…
Continue to mosey up the stairs, through the bushes and across the tracks, because we had somewhere to go…
Circle up outside the baseball field for Standard Merkins x 15, continue on because we had somewhere to go…
Continue the mosey toward the NCSU belltower and finally arrive at the nice grassy Court of North Carolina on the NCSU campus (GO PACK!)

The Thang:
Now that we had arrived, it was time to get to work. The work was The Agoge 500, aka 10 Rounds with Tyson, Ball Bearings style. 10 exercises, 5 stations, 10 reps of the exercise at each station for a total of 500 reps. Stations were 1)middle of The Court, 2)near-side of the wall, 3)hop the wall and up the stairs to the top, 4)back to near-side of wall, 5)back to middle of The Court. Back to start and plank until all PAX complete the set. Exercises were as follows.
Standard Merkins
Prisoner Squats
Diamond Merkins
Star Jumps (crowd pleaser #1)
Wide-grip Merkins
Flutter kicks, left-right is one
Jumping lunges, left-right is one
American Hammers, left-right is one
Burpees (crowd pleaser #2)

Mosey back toward base with stops for
WWII situps x 20
Flutter kicks x 20

2 Min of Mary:
6 inch hold x 30
Freddie Mercurys x 25

YHC didn’t forget to do Name-o-rama today, another blessing!
April 11th, still time to signup for the Mudrun
April 18th, F3 Dads at Fletcher park
April 25th, Flag football fundraiser
Sept 19th, Spartan Sprint at Fort Bragg
Oct 17th, F3Raleigh/Durham/Chapel Hill GORUCK custom

Slash led us out in prayer, thank you brother!

Missing two on the PAX list that I couldn’t make out from the recording, please speakup and I’ll add.

Oh, and how about that WolfPack beating Villanova! It was truly a good day.