Contender or Pretender?  11 men attended the workout at The Crick on Saturday, March 21st to determine if they have what it takes to win the Big Dance … March Madness.  Based on the responses to the trivia questions, I think we have to hit the gym a few more times to work on our knowledge of college basketball and the NCAA Tournament.  Based on our foul shooting performance, we are at risk of getting eliminated in the first round.  Based on the physical workout, I think we are in championship form.

1 – Run one lap around the sports field.

2 – Warm up exercises (with NCAA basketball trivia):  Side Shuttle Hops, Good Mornings, Mountain Climber Merkins, Imperial Walkers, Sir Fozio Arm Circles, Windmills, Merkins

3 – Four corners:  In honor of Coach Dean Smith.  In groups of four, perform two sets

  • Run to the end of the sports field – 20 squats
  • Crab walk to the next corner – 20 merkins
  • Run to the next corner – 20 star jumps
  • Bear crawl walk to the next corner – 10 burpees

Note:  While the first group runs to the first corner, the rest of the groups are doing Side Shuttle Hops and Imperial Walkers.

4 – Full Court Press:  Defense wins championships.  In groups of four, two guys run forward, two guys run backwards.  At the end of the sports field, switch positions.  2 sets.

5 – Zig Zag Hops – You gotta have “hops” to get the rebounds.  Each guy jumps over the rope … alternating right side / left side.  2 sets

6 –  Run to the basketball court

7 – Monkey Drill – Two lines – Sideway lunges.  15 count.

8 – Form a circle – Take a defensive position – move right, going as fast as we can.  After two revolutions, move to our left, going as fast as we can.

9 – Foul shots.  For every missed shot, the entire group must do 5 reps of an exercise. Rotate through the group until everyone has taken one shot.

10 – Run to the front of the Community Center … run the “Indiana Hoosier picket fence” formation … zig zag through the building columns, run down the stairs, up the stairs.  2 sets.

11 – Bear crawl from planter to planter, five merkins at each planter.

12 – Run the hill …. at the top, five merkins, run down.  Up the hill, five star jumps, run down.  Up the hill, five burpees.  2 sets.

13 – Run to the picnic shelter.

14 – Dips, Irkins, (10 reps each, 2 sets) step-ups (15 reps, 2 sets)


1 – LBC’s – 20 reps

2 – World War II sit-ups – 20 reps

3 – American Hammer – 20 reps


1 – Mud Run

Prayer Requests:

  • Kanye’s sister – fractured arm
  • Ventura’s son is working on a Boy Scout requirement and is camping on his own this weekend.
  • Ventura’s daughter is in Peru for a mission trip over spring break.
  • Cricket is flying to India on Sunday.

Closing Prayer:  Kayne took us out with a closing prayer.