16 Pax members plus one cameo took the Red Pill this morning for a pre-Mud Run training work-out. Let’s see what went down:

The Thang:

Fast mosey down the hill behind the NCMA.
COP – SSH x35 #BBN, GM x15, MC x 20, Merkin x15, IW x15.

Jacob’s ladder with you partner. Burpees at the top (1-7) and partner declines x10/LBCs x10/Partner handshakes x10.
Do burpees at the top of the hill and add a burpee each trip with the aforementioned three x10 exercises each time at the bottom. #goodstart

Mosey to the NCMA with lunge walks on the way. Run the amphitheater to plot the course.

Partner up to seed the field #NCAA
Partner 1 – Run the amphitheater loop with bear crawls down and up the amphitheater.
Partner 2 – Merkins x20, Squats x20, Star-jumps x20.
Partner 1 runs and then switches with Partner 2 for two full loops.
On the third/fourth loop, run the loop but partner carries versus bear crawls.
Race format – Remember your finish position.

Trail of Tears – Rail crawl.

Grab a wall – LRSU x35 #UK, Irkens, Dips

Mosey to the lake – Race with 1/2 seed, 3/4 seed…so on and so forth.
Starting at one side of the lake, partners run the opposite direction around the lake to meet at the halfway point. At the meet-up point, do ten star-jumps. Run back to the opposite side for ten handshakers with your partner. Do this three times and the losing team does ten burpees.

Mosey to the dojo. Grab some box. #ha
LRSU, Irkins, Dips, Box Jump, Irkins, and Dips.

Mosey to area with the rip rap. Race your partner.
Three times up the hill. Jog up to the sign and sprint from there to the top of the hill. Loser does five burpees. #cindy’sgotwheels

Indian run to the top of the BFH. Bear crawl down. Squats at the bottom.

Mosey to the fancy car area at the NCMA. LBCs/Boat Canoe.


Naked Moleskin:

-Maize had great foresight with the 90 minute Whiplash call. Add thirty minutes to an F3 work-out and you’ll feel it the next morning. #comfortzoneviolation

-ManRam provides free advice for a Q throughout the work-out. YHC needs plenty of guidance in life bro but surprisingly I come with a plan. #leadership101

-Cinderella did the Heavy last weekend and it hasn’t slowed him down. He left everyone in his dust on the sprints.

-Mayham is a respect beast. Age is not a factor for you brother. #strong

-Go to a hard work-out and I guaranty you’ll find, Kiper, LifeAlert, or Swirly. They keep getting stronger each week. Awesome to having you’ll this morning.


-BRR – See Yo-yo; N2N Flag football sign-up; Mudrun; Hayes Barton Methodist speaker – April 2nd – See Swingline.


-Pergo (Wedding/Family member);Hushpuppy (Family); Debbi’s Buddy (Triplets).

Azul took us out.

Always an honor and highlight of my weekend to start it off with the men of F3. F3 keeps me out of my comfort zone (physically and spiritually) and YHC appreciates each of you for that fact.