… At least that’s what she said. Who knew how much fun it could be explaining Homer to Marges to out-of-town PAX. This week, we took a break from the norm at Catalyst and get down and dirty with some gear courtesy of the boys over at Heavy Metal.

The Thang…

Warm up: SSH X 25, Imperial Walkers X 25, Mountain Climbers X 25

Follow-the-Leader Run through the parking lot, bunny hop up the steps, side step up patio and back, down the steps, 1-legged bunny hops (left, then right foot), run to top of the hill, bear crawl 30 yards, run down to the Gauntlet.

The Gauntlet:  We ran the Gauntlet in partners and station one PAX were the time keepers for each set.

Round 1:

Station 1: Bunny hop up steps, sprint around and down ramp to the bottom Station – 2X (together)
Station 2: 5 Burpees, 15-second Sarcozy; 5 Burpees, 15-second Putin (together)
Station 3: Sled push 20 yards and back; Left-Right Step ups (flapjack)
Station 4: Irkins, Low-slow Flutter (flapjack)
Station 5: Dirkins; Russian Hammers (flapjack)
Station 6: Squats with Slosh Tube; Freddy Mercurys (flapjack)
Station 7: Overhead press w/Dumbells; LBCs (flapjack)
Station 8: Cinder block Man-Makers (together)
Station 9: Curls; Mirkins (flapjack)
Station 10: Deadweight Carry with 2 Water Jugs (5-gallon) ; Mirkins (flapjack)
Station 11: 15lb Medicine Ball Toss (together)

Round 2: 30-second Plank Hold; 20-second Sachozy; 20-second Putin, 20 second Superman, 20-Second Banana, Repeat Superman & Bananna… Then back to the Gauntlet

Round 3: Indian Run Around Track.. Then back to the Gauntlet

Suicides Rd 1: Partner 1 on the line, Partner 2 Squat Hold – Flapjack and REPEAT
Suicides Rd 2: Partner 1 on the line, Partner 2 – 6 inch leg hold – Flapjack

Mary:  WWII w/ twists x 25; Homer to Marges x 25, Rosalitas x 25, Box Cutters x 25

COT:  Susan G. Komen race is next weekend on Saturday, the 14th. We’re looking to have a strong F3 presence. Continued Prayers for Hush Puppy and his Family. Friar Tuck gave an update on his father’s battle with bladder cancer.

Welcomed two out of town, Catalyst FNGs — Sweeperboy and ____ (post name in comments… my bad on this one, but you can chalk it one up to too much fun during my college years)

Had fun and hope to do it again soon.