YHC has been nursing a shoulder issue and thought the group of 17 at the Falcon should do more running this am. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It was a little cold but not for long.
warmup lap and then a few exercises to get the blood pumping
5 burpees
20 SSH
5 double secret burpees
10 squats
5 triple secret burpees
10 WMH
5 quad secret burpees
10 monkey humpers

and we were off…

The main thing was a Jacobs ladder to the traffic circle. One burpee at the top(don’t touch the brick or there were 10 penalty burpees), 10 merkins at the bottom. 2 burpees at the top, 9 merkins at the bottom…and so on until the top was 10 burpees and one merkin at the top. This got us to the 6am mark, and after a few 10 counts(for me mostly), we travelled back up to the lot the long way, with a partner on our back, and stopping several times for merkins. My best guess was at least 1/2 mile. We have a few minutes for Mary which was box cutters and LBCs. Peach inspired us with prayer. Peach announced Solite Park tomorrow morning for a “walk in their shoes” annual walk at 9am. Peach and Cooter will represent and all are welcome. Looks like a great event through Open Table ministry.