With the excitement of the new year and our recent site Q meeting, I had big plans for our usual 15ish TBL pax… but when a hearty 34 pax (including 3 FNGs) showed up, ready for a taste of the good life, YHC had to quick audible for a large scale assault on Old Chapel Hill Rd Park…

The Thang:
Warm-up – SSH, superman merkins, air squats, arm circles, calf raises (and some weird arm circle/calf raise combo that didn’t work at all)

Fellowship run – 2 lines around the soccer fields to “Rappers Delight”… the run got a little disorderly at the beginning (mostly because wild thing and moxy are so dang fast!), but we regained control for all 7 glorious minutes

Group “Bring Sally Up”..

Jack Webbs with a 2x multiplier (1 merkin, 2 shoulder presses, 2 merkins, 4 SPs, … 10m, 20SPs

Awkward positioning springs – a combination of planks, LBCs, and mountain climbers to transition into an 18y sprint while enjoying some Metallica

Mary – LBCs, supermans, flutter kicks, etc.. the fun kept coming


– Awesome work from the group today; the large size is a great “problem” to have
– Tclaps to all the 2.0s who were out in the gloom giving it their all… and kudos to their parents…
– YHC has been notoriously poor with posting backblasts… and of course, the first time I try to post a bb in over a year, I’m locked out! My own fault… if I forgot your name on the pax list, please know its my failing¬†memory and writing this 3 days late that are contributing factors.